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Step 3


step 3

Payment for consignment as quoted in our Terms and Conditions

Review our 3 step process by clicking on the buttons below.

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Only pay for your consignment AFTER you have completed an individual Vehicle Information Sheet
submission at Step 2 above.
You may now pay for your individual consignment by clicking “Click Here to Consign” below. You must submit payment for EACH vehicle individually. No Paypal account is necessary. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover available at this link also. “For its services, I hereby agree to pay Express Auctioneers a non-refundable consignment fee of $150 per vehicle (now), and a commission (at completion of the sale) in the amount as set forth in the Seller’s Commission- Schedule agreed upon HERE. Commission is based on the way the vehicle was consigned. A reserve vehicle whose reserve is lifted on the block is still subject to paying the reserve commission schedule fees. The non-refundable consignment fee shall be paid upon execution of this agreement and shall not be applied to reduce the commission charge in the event the vehicle is sold. Your submission of electronic documents via this website constitutes that “you agree” and your legal intent is yourelectronic signature with the same legal enforcement capabilities as your wet signature on a paper contract.”

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Sold at our winter auction for $87,500.00 (Photostream)

I f you elect not to use our electronic submission, please download and complete the following documents for consignment and purchase of vehicles. You will need to have access to a fax machine or you may mail them. If you elect to fax or mail your documents, please contact Express Auctioneers, LLC. for confirmation of your consignment and for payment.

The form noted below should be downloaded, printed and signed by Sellers and Buyers.
It contains all documentation required to participate in the auction.

Required Download HERE


You may also “Right click” your mouse above and
“Save link as…” to save the .pdf file.


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