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Auction Schedule

May 18-19, 2017

Auction Hours

Thursday 11am
Friday 11am

Car Show Schedule

May 18-19-20-21, 2017

Car Show Hours

Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 9am-3pm

Vehicle Registration Information & Check-in

Cars registered for the auction check in Wednesday May 17th from 12noon to 7:30p.m. If unable to check in that day then Thursday Morning from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. that eveningAll cars must be removed from convention center Friday May 19th by 7:30 p.m. All cars registered after May 1st pay scheduled commission fees.

Cars consigned to the auction during the month of February will be eligible for reduced selling commission,each month after February the selling commission will go up. The registration fee will be reduced and go up as well each month past February. All consignors get to passes to enter the building.
All sellers and buyers will be eligible for a drawing at the end of each auction for a monetary prize and /or a automotive related prize. ( you must be present to win).

All earlier registered cars will get separate pictorial ad in classified section of Hemmings Motors News.

Consignment of automotive related items accepted such as signs, gas pumps,oil cans,neon,and art etc for auction prior to car auction for each day. Only 100 items accepted. Items other than automotive items will be auctioned in separate area. selling fee 35% on items less than $100, all items over that amount 25% items over $500 15%.

For Information or questions call Dennis Warfield 386-956-0958, Mike Catrino 302-396-4042 or Larry 410-365-2759

Registration can be completed online at this website just click registered vehicle or print out forms and fax to 410-243-1256. However you do it it will be followed up by a phone call confirming it.

Why you should consign your car or bike to Collector Car and Bike Auction:
1. Qualified Bidders from Mid-Atlantic Region to buy YOUR car
2. The lowest registration fees for Sellers and Bidders
3. Same day pay option for Seller
4. National, Regional, Local print and Internet marketing gives Maximum exposure for your car
5. Bidders focus on Your car without distraction of 100’s of other similar cars
6. The ability to post-auction sell your car if reserve price not met
7. Professional Auction Team with years of experience with a vested interest in selling your car

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Condition Rating a Car

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